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2-tree ∩ probe interval
2K2-free ∩ probe cograph
2K2-free ∩ probe trivially perfect
bipartite ∩ probe interval
chordal ∩ probe diamond-free
co-probe cograph
co-probe threshold
even-hole-free ∩ probe chordal
probe (1,2)-colorable
probe (2,2)-colorable
probe AT-free
probe Gallai
probe HHDS-free
probe Meyniel
probe P4-reducible
probe P4-sparse
probe bipartite chain
probe bipartite distance-hereditary
probe block
probe chordal
probe chordal ∩ weakly chordal
probe chordal bipartite
probe co-bipartite
probe co-comparability
probe co-trivially perfect
probe co-trivially perfect ∩ probe trivially perfect
probe cograph
probe comparability
probe complete
probe diamond-free
probe distance-hereditary
probe interval
probe interval ∩ tree
probe interval bigraph
probe permutation
probe proper interval
probe ptolemaic
probe split
probe strongly chordal
probe threshold
probe threshold ∩ split
probe trivially perfect
probe unit interval