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1500 K3,3 is a discriminating graph.
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Furthermore, the clique cover number of G and G+v are equal, hence we have a reduction for clique cover, as well. (Communicated by Arne Leitert)
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1506 For any connected graph G, if we add a universal vertex vertex v, H = G+v is a locally connected graph. This fact allows a trivial reduction, since the new vertex increases the chromatic number and the size of the largest clique by exactly 1. Furthermore, the clique cover number of G and G+v are equal, hence we have a reduction for clique cover, as well. Similarly for independent set. (Communicated by Pavel Irzhavski). Treewidth is reduced analogously to clique (Communicated by Arne Leitert). For the domination problem, we add a true twin to every vertex (V*={v, v* | v in V} and E*={uv, u*v, uv*, u*v* | uv in E}). Then every dominating set in G is also dominating in G* and a minimal dominating set in G* can be converted to a minimal dominating set in G by replacing every vertex v* in the set by v (Communicated by Arne Leitert).
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1541 Hamiltonian cycle is NP-complete for locally connected graphs. Add a universal vertex u to a graph G. G has a Hamiltonian path if and only if G+u has a Hamiltonian cycle.
=>: G has a Hamiltonian path with starting vertex s and ending vertex e. Thus, (s, ..., e, u, s) is a Hamiltonian cycle in G+u.
<=: G+u has a Hamiltonian cycle. Therefore u has two neighbours s and e in the cycle. Thus (s, ..., e) is a Hamiltonian path in G. (Communicated by Arne Leitert, Pavel Irzhavski)
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1544 It is well known that the tree-width of a chordal graph is one less than its maximal clique. It is also well known that a planer graph can not have any clique of size 5 or greater, hence chordal \cap planar has treewidth at most 3 (Communicated by Vatshelle)
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