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Available here. See also the note at
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Available here
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Available here
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1372 Straightforward (P. Ochem, personal communication)
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1377 A graph G is a line graph iff it is the EPT graph of a star.
1378 From the forbidden subgraph characterization of line graphs, see also
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1381 Let T = (V, E) be a tree, and P a collection of subpaths of the tree. An "integral flow on T" (with unit capacities) is a subset P' of P such that the paths in P' are edge-disjoint. (In the undirected multicommodity flow-in-a-tree setting, we think of there being one commodity for each path --- the source/sink for this commodity are located at the endpoints of the path. Moreover in multicommodity flow we think more directly of routing a particular integral amount of each flow, but with unit edge capacities, we either can route 0 or 1 unit of each commodity, and the commodities for which we chose to route 1 unit of flow must be edge-disjoint, or else we'll violate an edge capacity.) This integral flow is the same as an independent set in the intersection graph (P, F) where {p1, p2} is in F iff p1 and p2 share an edge. An EPT graph is exactly an intersection graph of this type.
So given an EPT graph (P, F) along with its tree-representation (T=(V,E), P), we can find a max-weight independent set in polytime via Theorem 5 of
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. (D. Pritchard)
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1383 Every maximal independent set is a minimal dominating set.
1384 Since every tree is a 2-interval graph
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and block graphs are created from trees by replacing edges by cliques, block graphs are 2-interval graphs as well.
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1388 To construct a circle model for a distance-hereditary graph, add a chord near the endpoint of an existing chord, crossing it, for adding a pendant vertex; replace a chord by two parallel chords for adding false twin; and replace chord by two crossing chords for adding true twins.
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1391 Halin graphs are a proper subclass of Boxicity 2 graphs as Halin graphs are all planar but Boxicity 2 graphs include large complete graphs. Outerplanar graphs are a proper subclass of Boxicity 2 graphs as outerplanar graphs are all planar but Boxicity 2 graphs include large complete graphs. (Mathew C. Francis)
1392 Because the 2-subdivision of a graph replaces every edge by a P4 .
1393 Because the comparability graph of a height 2 poset is a bipartite graph.
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On arxiv
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1397 Assign every maximal clique C a point pC on the real line and every vertex v a set of intervals on the real line, one interval for every maximal clique B containing v, such that the interval contains precisely pB.
1398 Every maximal outerplanar graph is a triangulation of a polygon.
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