Note: The references are not ordered alphabetically!

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Note that the claim that the proper Helly circularc arc graphs are precisely the clique graphs of Helly circular arc graphs contradicts
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, Th.7.
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1448 Put the centers of the disks on the same line. (P. Ochem)
1449 odd anti-hole s of size at least 7 are not planar (Communicated by P. Ochem):
Every odd anti-hole of size at least 11 contains a K5 as an induced subgraph.
For the complement of the cycle v1..v9, the subgraph induced by v1,v2,v4, v6,v9,v9 contains K3,3 as a partial subgraph.
The complement of the cycle v1..v7 is homeomorphic to K3,3 by deletion of the edges v3v4, v4v5; contraction of the path v2v4v6 and finally deletion of the edges v1v2, v6v7.
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Available here.
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This article contains an error and was later withdrawn.
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Available here.
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